You Are Mighty

YOU ARE MIGHTY - Caroline Paul and Lauren Tamaki - Hardcover.jpg

You are Mighty: A Guide to Changing the World

Written by: Caroline Paul
Illustrated by: Lauren Tamaki
Publisher: Bloomsbury (May 15, 2018)

You may be a kid, but you are mighty, and now is the time to put that to use! Featuring change-maker tips, tons of DIY activities, and stories of the kids who have paved the way before—from famous activists like Malala Yousafzai and Claudette Colvin to the everyday young people whose habit changes triggered huge ripple effects—this book teaches that good citizenship starts with knowing how to stand up for what’s right. Written for those with a fierce sense of justice, a good sense of humor, and a big heart—here’s how to make a sign, write a letter, volunteer, sit-in, or march. There are lots of tactics to choose from, and you’re never too young to change the world.

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