Written by: Colin Winnette
Publisher: Les Figues Press (January 20, 2015)

A daughter disappears in the middle of the night. What happens in the aftermath of this tragedy—after the search is abandoned, after the TV crews move on to cover the latest horrific incident—is the story of Coyote. There is a marriage and a detective. There is a storm, a talk show host, and a roasted boar. People are murdered and things are hidden. Coyotes skulk in the woods, a man stands by the fence, and a tale emerges within this familiar landscape of the violent unknown

Coyote has a strong and inviting voice and that voice wraps around a dark story, a contemporary story, and one that has its own velocity and fragmentation built in. I found myself swept along in it and impacted by its delicate/bleak movement.”
—Aimee Bender

“Winnette has a talent for conjuring characters and situations that exist purely to serve his work. These people are faceless with no discernible backstory, creating an unsettling alternate reality that we can dip into for 80 pages or so. The book leaves an impression not unlike a dream, as if you’ve just witnessed something troubling, but out of the corner of your eye or through the confounding texture of a sheer curtain.”
—Connor Ferguson

“It’s terrifying, intelligent, and will you leave you feeling uncomfortable about haircuts, barbecue, and home repair.”
—Andre Gray


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