Tyler Makes a Birthday Cake!

Tyler Makes a Birthday Cake!

Written by: Tyler Florence
Illustrated by: Craig Frazier
Publisher: HarperCollins (April 22, 2014)

A sweet treat awaits Tyler and Tofu when they discover that dessert is delicious and fun to make! Plus Food Network star Tyler Florence shares two carrot cake recipes—one for people, and then a dog-friendly twist on this dessert favorite—and includes a did-you-know section filled with fun facts about the ingredients.

With Tofu’s birthday right around the corner, Tyler wants to give his best pal a perfect party, and he knows that no birthday bash is complete without a big birthday cake! Tyler and Tofu venture back into the kitchen, where Mr. Baker takes them on an imaginary journey around the world, finding delicious ingredients to create a carrot cake perfect for the celebration. But when Tyler says it’s a treat for Tofu, he discovers that not all of his favorite foods are good for dogs. Luckily, Mr. Baker can cook up a canine snack just in time for the party!

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